Salty Christmas Tree Pack NZ

Salty Christmas Tree Pack NZ

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3 x 530ml Christmas Trees

Himalayan Pink Salt with Garlic Flakes All-natural fusion garlic flake salt combines the distinct taste of roasted garlic flakes with pure sea salt crystals to create an uncommonly delicious flavouring. The perfect everyday salt combination adds a pungent flavour hit to any dish you can add garlic to, all it takes is a sprinkle over the top of your food- oh garlic how we love you!

Himalayan Pink Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Natural salt and the freshness of black cracked pepper are the basic staples to any kitchen. This combination is a perfect set to season all dishes before, during and after cooking

Himalayan Pink Salt This salt offers the highest mineral content of any natural salt and is prized for its myriad health, detoxification and nutritional benefits. This 250 million year old salt was borne of the Jurassic era and has been shielded from pollution and impurities for centuries. Its delightful coarse grains in varying red, pink and white shades make for an intriguing conversation piece for your table as well as an additive-free flavour enhancer for your favourite dishes


Flaschengeist NZ is officially launching in the New Year but we don’t want Kiwis to miss out on this fantastic Xmas deal. It’s the perfect stocking filler or to adorn your Christmas table.

New Zealand Price: $99.00 GST inclusive

Our own NZ website is not far away (watch this space!) but until then payment at the checkout will appear in Australian Dollars.

This offer is only available until 5 December 2018 (or while stocks last) so get in quick.

$99.00 NZD                                       ($93.10 AUD)


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