Robyn James

I had worked hard in Hospitality / Management for 15 years. From washing dishes, to abusive customers, include a relationship becoming a husband, kids and many many hours per week. The unthinkable occurred – now that was a blessing in disguise, I left Hospitality Management and the 60+ hours a week that went with it. After many rejections for being “over qualified” I stumbled into a job that helped pay the bills but there was no passion and I relied on family to pickup / drop off our 2 young children everyday while we worked 8 hours each day.

Enter the beginning of a New Journey. Flaschengeist was introduced with a simple invitation from a friend, I loved the product (the alcohol to be honest) and booked my own tasting for the beginning of the next year.

It was there in Feb 2012 that I started to think – could I do this. The answer now nearly 6 years later is YES I CAN and I love the product, what I can create with it and how I get to share it with others more and more each day.

There is a lot between then and now and all of it is positive. I have earnt an exceptional income, been able to do that from home while my kids went to school, took them to numerous after school activities, paid bonus cash incentives and have been on some amazing international trips. I have been able to earn, learn and provide for our family while still being here.

I have also had the pleasure of helping other Boss Babes grow and achieve the same. I love that Flaschengeist is Australian and Family Owned. The support from the people above me make being a Manager for this Company an exciting and evolving role and 2018 I can’t wait to unfold all that it has to offer.

The answers to the questions are free and the lifestyle is priceless, what are you waiting for. Come and Join Me.



Alyce Wilcox

I started my flaschengeist journey after trying and failing to return to the work force.

I am a single mum with a little boy and I, like most struggled to make ends meet. Returning to work, looking for sitters, being stuck to deadlines when my son couldn't comprehend why mummy was so stressed. It just wasn't working for me.

I stumbled onto flaschengeist by accident, I was working with a different company and had no idea there was party plan alcohol! So of course I booked a party, what I didn't expect was to rave about the products with more passion than I had for my own.

That's how my journey started. I'm now an up and coming star consultant working towards management, I'm 4th best seller nationally, I have an amazing following of wonderful customers and my business grows with every month that passes.

Every goal I've been set I've smashed because I have an amazing group of very knowledgeable consultants and a team leader who is second to none. She has helped me grow and learn and is so inspiring with her never say die attitude.

If you are looking for a business with integrity, a business that will build you if you're prepared to work for it, a business that doesn't offer fake promises. We are it.

I spent years killing myself in a multi level corporation for minimum wage, now I work when I want, where I want and can hand on my heart say I am appreciated for the work I do.