Refunds, Exchanges and Deliveries

Refunds, Exchanges and Deliveries


At Flaschengeist, we hope that we offer the best possible service, product and customer satisfaction so dealing with faulty goods is taken with the upmost concern and we hope to remedy you as best we can.


All deliveries are made by courier and dispatched within 14 - 21 business days.Signature is required upon delivery.


To offer a refund for goods, the product needs to be undrinkable by either or: a) a visible diminished standard of quality (either aesthetically such as liquid separation) b) by taste c) or the packaging (i.e. bottle) has an evidently compromised effect of the merchantable quality of the goods (i.e. glass breakage) or d) tasted - within less than 20% of the total volume. We require the stock in question to be sent back to Head Office located in Glynde, South Australia to formally deem the product faulty. We always offer a refund if there is a fault of the product up to 6 months from the date of purchase (proof of purchase MUST be provided). All freight charges sending the product/s back to Head Office will also be refunded when the product has been deemed faulty however will need to be initially paid for by the Customer. A receipt of this freight must also be attached to be refunded. A Company ‘refund request’ form will also be required from the Customer to fill out to ensure all records are kept and a proper due diligence is further conducted on the matter – we take our product and quality control very seriously!



Please ensure that all our products are stored in a cool, dark, dry place at temperatures between 0 and 25 degrees celcius whether opened or unopened. Exposure to sunlight, heaters, ovens, or any device that could adversely affect and compromise the quality is not the responsibility of the Company. It should also be noted that in extreme heat waves the product must still be stored in an environment between 0 and 25 degrees celcius. It is strongly recommended that any of our creamy liqueurs must be refridgerated whether opened or unopened. We ensure the product is delivered in its best quality and drinkable state. Storage and treatment thereafter is of the responsibility of the Customer. 



We do not offer refunds for change of mind. If a Customer does wish to exchange their product, the product must be unopened and still in perfect merchantable quality and to no less standard than received. The freight costs of this change of mind will need to be incurred by the Customer to get the product back to Head Office Flaschengeist. As delivery charge has been paid in your first purchase order, we will not require any further freight cost. Please allow at least 10-21 working days for this process to occur and to be confirmed. Please confirm your wish to exchange at

Proof of purchase is required in all circumstances and a refund will only occur in the same currency form as the purchase was made (i.e credit card refund).



At the checkout of your order you will have the option to select a different delivery address to your billing address once you have clicked on 'ADD A NEW DELIVERY ADDRESS' and add in the new delivery address and be sure to select 'SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS" or the system will revert automatically to the billing address for delivery. Flaschengeist Australia Pty Ltd do not take responsibility if this occurs and the customer is liable to arrange further re- delivery of their order. Please allow up to 14-21 working days to for your order to be dispatched from the warehouse.


All requests must be in writing to and one of our friendly team members will respond with urgency.