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Start living the Flasch life you have been dreaming of today!.

As a Flaschengeist Consultant, you can earn extra income and amazing rewards – even an end of year cash bonus – simply share the fun of Flaschengeist with friends, family, co-workers and anyone looking to spice up meal times, entertain with amazing cocktails or find the perfect gift. It is easy with Flaschengeist .
How you do it, and how often, is up to you!



Do you love to have fun around food and drinks?

Consider yourself a foodie or want to learn more?
Are you interested in being paid to be a Cocktail Mixologist?

Join the Flaschengeist Tasting Experience

Earn an income and build a new business around creating gourmet 
goodies and cocktails to share and entertain your customers.
What could be more fun?
Be In Business For Yourself


Live it. 

  • Share delicious, simple-to-make gourmet goodies and cocktails that bring your family and customers back to having fun while entertaining! 
  • Enjoy the chance to meet new people, achieve for yourself and have that precious ‘Me’ time. 
  • Be your own boss and create the life you want.

Work it. 

  • Earn up to 40% commission on your personal sales, PLUS additional bonuses and commissions when you build a team. 
  • You choose how much you want to work ... and how much you want to earn. A little or a lot: it's up to you! 
  • Set your own schedule and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of owning your own business.

Love it. 

  • How do you define success? Create the life you’ve dreamed of with your own business. 
  • Make lifelong friendships. 
  • Empower yourself and others. 
  • Grow personally and professionally. 
  • Shine in the spotlight of your achievements.

Looking for even more? Want to be Rewarded- Encouraged - Empowered along the way, it’s all possible with Flaschengeist.


Testimonials from our our Flasch family on how Flaschengeist has changed their lives 

Team Director- Robyn James
I had worked hard in Hospitality / Management for 15 years. From washing 
dishes, to abusive customers, include a relationship becoming a husband, kids and many many hours per week. The unthinkable occurred – now that was a blessing in disguise, I left Hospitality Management and the 60+ hours a week that went with it. After many rejections for being “over qualified” I stumbled into a job that helped pay the bills but there was no passion and I relied on family to pickup / drop off our 2 young children everyday while we worked 8 hours each day. Click Here To Read More


Team Leader- Alyce Wilcox 
I started my flaschengeist journey after trying and failing to return to the work force.
I am a single mum with a little boy and I, like most struggled to make ends meet. Returning to work, looking for sitters, being stuck to deadlines when my son couldn't comprehend why mummy was so stressed. It just wasn't working for me. Click Here To Read More


What is it like to be part of a Tasting Experience with us?

Check out this great video to see a Flaschengeist Tasting Experience in action!
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