Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

Liquor Licence Number- 36107826


Flaschengeist Pty Ltd is committed to conducting all aspects of alcohol service in a professional and responsible manner, complying with all applicable laws and adhering to endorsed Liquor Services Codes of Practice.

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd Staff, Management & Independent Consultants should endeavour to provide a safe and friendly environment for all customers & guests in which to taste its products.

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd does not sanction or approve of any promotions that may encourage the rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol. Staff, Management & Independent Consultants are required to encourage and promote the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd acknowledges that drunkenness, under-age drinking and alcoholism are serious social issues and therefore supports initiatives that assist in addressing and preventing these issues.

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd Staff, Management & Independent Consultants endeavour to prevent underage drinking at any venue showcasing its products, by requiring valid proof of age from young adults to be presented in the form of an Australian Drivers Licence, passport or other proof of age card permitted under applicable State law.

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd will continue to encourage the education of its Staff, Management & Independent Consultants on the Responsible Service of Alcohol.



Flaschengeist Pty Ltd has a policy to offer samples to our Tasting guests & customers in a responsible, friendly, and professional manner.

Our staff, Management & Independent Consultants are on hand to assist the guests & customers in their decision to drink in moderation. Flaschengeist Pty Ltd staff, Management & Independent Consultants will not offer tastes or samples to any person under the age of 18 years, nor will they offer tastes or samples to any customer to the point of intoxication.

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd staff, Management & Independent Consultants are obliged by law to refuse service of alcohol to any patrons considered to be intoxicated.

Flaschengeist’s aim is to provide all customers the opportunity to sample its products within a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Consequently the following processes are followed to ensure the Responsible Service of Alcohol:

  • Implementing, monitoring and modifying on an ongoing basis, Flaschengeist’s RSA Policy;
  • Preventing under-age drinking by insisting on valid identification (current drivers licence, proof of age card or current passport);
  • Preventing intoxication, by recognising the signs of intoxication and avoiding serving anyone to the point of intoxication;
  • Denying service to persons already intoxicated;
  • Managing intoxicated anti-social or disruptive patrons;
  • Ensuring that Hostess’s provide an extensive range of non-alcoholic beverages (Flaschengeist Pty Ltd recommends that water MUST be made available to all guests & customers) and food options (this is to be discussed with the Hostess prior to the Tasting);
  • Supporting safe transport options; and
  • Abiding by the various laws which control the sale and service of alcohol.

This policy in no way limits people's choice to drink and enjoy themselves. We want all customers to enjoy themselves. What we don't want to do is allow people to drink to excess and place themselves, our other customers and the community, at risk. By working together we can create a safe, enjoyable and friendly atmosphere for all.


How much can you drink?

Everyone reacts differently to alcohol. Your blood alcohol level may be quite different to someone else who has consumed the same amount of alcohol. External factors such as illness, some medications and missing meals can also affect the blood alcohol concentration reading.

A general guide is to count the number of drinks consumed. It is commonly accepted that men can remain under the legal limit if they consume no more than two standard drinks in the first hour and one each hour thereafter and, for women, no more than one drink each hour. 


What is a standard drink?

What the “standard drink” means to you as an Independent Consultant?

On average a Flaschengeist Tasting will last approximately 2 hours. This means that your guests can safely consume up to 2 standard drinks* in that time (see note below on other factors).

Flaschengeist products range in alcohol content per volume with the maximum not exceeding 22% alc / vol. This places the majority of its products in the fortified wines section of the above illustration.

To serve Flaschengeist products responsibly, Flaschengeist Pty Ltd recommends to all its staff, Management & Independent Consultants that they not offer a customer or guest in excess of 80mls of liqueurs at a Tasting. This will ensure that all guests are consuming less than 2 standard drinks* over the 2 hour period.

A Flaschengeist representative can achieve this by ensuring that the sample size of liqueur offered does not exceed more than 3mls. In this manner guests can comfortably taste the majority of Flaschengeist products with the safe knowledge that they are under the legal limit (ie 18 tastings of 3mls = 54 mls which is less than 1 standard drink).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If staff, Management & Independent Consultants are offering cocktails as opposed to straight tastings this will affect the level of alcohol consumed and staff, Management & Independent Consultants must calculate the amount of alcohol they are offering accordingly.


What is an intoxicated person?

An intoxicated person will usually display some of the following behaviours:

  • Loud, boisterous or disorderly; 
  • Bad tempered, aggressive or physically violent;
  • Loss of co-ordination, i.e. spilling drinks, falling down or bumping into furniture; and
  • Decreased alertness, i.e. dozing or sleeping, rambling conversation, confusion or glassy eyed.

Any of the above behaviours may be used by Flaschengeist Pty Ltd staff, Management & Independent Consultants as indicators to determine if a guest / customer is possibly intoxicated.


Other factors to consider?

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd staff, Management & Independent Consultants offering customers & guests samples of Flaschengeist products should ALWAYS ascertain at the beginning of the Tasting whether any of the customers or guests may suffer adversely to the tasting of Flaschengeist’s products. It is advised that Flaschengeist Pty Ltd staff, Management & Independent Consultants ask customers & guests if they are pregnant, taking any medication or suffer from any allergies.

These factors can affect the amount of alcohol a customer or guest can responsibly consume.

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd does not recommend the consumption of alcohol by those who are pregnant or are taking medication. Flaschengeist Pty Ltd supplies all its staff, Management & Independent Consultants with a product manual which outlines the additives which may cause allergies. If one of Flaschengeist Pty Ltd’s staff, Management & Independent Consultants is unsure of the contents of a products, they should ALWAYS refer to the product ingredient guide BEFORE serving to someone with allergies.


Taste Testing / Sampling at Fetes, Markets, Expos, Fairs and other public forums

Flaschengeist Pty Ltd staff, Management & Independent Consultants must NOT offer samples of Flaschengeist products in public forum (such as those listed above) unless the “host” has the appropriate liquor license required according to the state held in, and the stall holder must be an appropriate member of staff, Management or Independent Consultants with current RSA. The person holding the RSA must be present on the stall at all times. ALL public forums such as above must receive written approval from Head Office prior to holding the stall and the relevant procedures and policies for holding a public display must be adhered to.

At any public event, please ensure that your actions, or any use of the product or brand do not ‘market’ to minors. Balloons are an example that is aimed more at a minor’s enjoyment which would be wrongfully encouraging the promotion of Flaschengeist which primary business is alcohol. Whatever your promotional effort may be, keep in mind that promotion of alcohol is aimed strictly to those over 18 years of age.