About Us

About Us

Discover our story.

Here is the important trading history of Flaschengeist, and explains the path to how the Company has evolved in its present state to be sustainable, profitable and market leading. It’s been an inspiring and defiant road for this 100% Australian owned, family-run business so please enjoy the read and relish in the success story that you are now a part of.


The word Flaschengeist translated from German means ‘Spirit in the Glass’.

The Flaschengeist concept first started in a town in Munster, Germany approximately 25 years ago. Munster, a ‘University’ city saw students with little expenditure seeking a cheaper way of enjoying their favourite drinks. This unique concept of purchasing smaller quantities rather than traditional, often more expensive bottles and the ability to ‘refill’ was the perfect solution. The concept has since become so widely spread throughout Europe – they treat these stores as their bottle shop they frequent on a regular basis.

In 1997, Milton Karan (Managing Director and Founder) acquired the Australasian Master License from Flaschengeist Germany. This acquisition secures exclusive operation in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

In 1998, Flaschengeist Australia’s retail operations kicked-off with a bang offering a unique experience and as Milton Karan described it, “The customer has total equity in their purchase” from selecting the bottle and the ‘Try Before You Buy’ offer: the Customer is King. 


Firstly a store within a store at Phillip Murphy (now known as Dan Murphy’s) outlets in VIC helped establish a popular distribution channel into the Mass Merchant Liquor category (i.e. chain liquor stores such as Vintage Cellars and Liquorland). This was a great start; people loved the idea, the brand and the opportunity to purchase something a little different. These feats soon lead to widespread interest in a retail franchising model. Many stores quickly opened in SA, VIC, NSW and later lead to Company owned stores located in in SA, NSW & QLD



After five years of retail trading, Milton dreamed about being able to offer the Flashengeist experience to every household around Australia. How was he going to achieve this? Through changing the business model and joining the hugely successful Direct Selling Industry the Company established the Party-at-home division. 

Milton, his family and the team recognised the niche in the marketplace and they quickly got to work

           * The were no other competitors selling Flaschengeist, or any similar product @ home…and there still isn’t!!


So, having started with just two ladies selling at home in 2008, and now boasting a community of Flaschengeist sales consultants all around Australia the concept worked and is still growing!

Milton still runs the Company alongside with his daughter Fiona, and are proud to say that Flaschengeist Parties have changed lives in important ways. Their aim is to reach more homes and share the opportunity to as many people who want to better their lives and their families. Their motto is start ‘Living Life Your Way’