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The job itself is pretty simple: Flasch Consultants connect with hosts to arrange free, in- home cocktail and gourmet tasting parties.

As a Flasch Consultant, you help the host prepare for the event and then take the lead at the tasting itself, walking guests through a

simple appreciation of some great and unique products. At the end of the night, you log their order information on our secure site

and once all payments have been made we take care of the rest.


The best part, though, is that when you sign on with Flaschengeist, you won’t just get a great home- based business that can arrange

to fit your unique circumstances- you get a network of support, training, and the opportunity to grow.


No prior experience needed, no on- hand stock and there are, low achievable monthly minimums. Just you, your needs, passion and a supportive community to back you up  Join Our Team Today 


       Esprite_0002_120530_   The Perfect Product Tropical_Decanter

Flaschengeist creates and bottles an exclusive line of Cocktails, Sparkling Wines with Gold Flakes, Hampers, Gourmet: Vinegars, Oils,

Dukkahs, Salts and Rubs. There is a product to suit every tastebud and makes a perfect gift idea for that hard to buy for person.


Every cocktail ordered is custom made with the flavour and style of bottle you desire. For the Flasch Foodie and budding Master Chef the

ever-expanding gourmet range has something to cater for the most exotic of dishes or the simplest of pleasures such as dipping bread

into one of our Organic Olive oils.


So we’re happy to vouch for the quality of the product. But there’s also the fact that direct selling consumable products such as ours is a

brilliant business decision.


Not only do your tastings give people a chance to sample the product before they purchase:

Cocktails, Wine & Gourmet Products is a great industry to be in.